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Tip: See in Windows 10 how your data has been spent

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Tip: See in Windows 10 how your data has been spent

These days everyone is using the Internet even more. Something that used to be just for fun is now the only form of communication for many users working remotely.

This brings about big changes that can be easily evaluated. One of the most visible is the increase in data consumption, which all additional use brings. The way to measure this in Windows 10 is simple and anyone can see it.

Monitor Windows 10 consumption

Microsoft has given Windows 10 many tools for users to monitor the system. These allow you to evaluate various points in the system, ensuring that it does not exceed the defined parameters or that it exceeds your standards.

In particular, Windows 10 is able to give the user a record of data consumption of network connections and Internet access. These data appear in aggregate and also detailed by app present in the system.

Windows 10 network interfaces consumptions

To see this data, you must first open the Windows 10 Settings. Here, inside, you must choose the Network and Internet area, so that you have access to all the settings and information related to this component.

Then, and on the Status tab, they will have immediate access to the network status and also the interfaces that are active and connected. These appear at the beginning of this area, for easy and quick consultation of information.

Windows 10 data consumptions

What data the interfaces consumed

You will immediately be able to see the volume of data that each of the interfaces has exchanged in the past few days. These data are pleasing, but also defined and presented in a different way, for
each of the network interfaces, whether WiFi or cable.

If you click on one of the Data usage buttons, you will immediately have access to detailed consumption information for that network interface. This appears with information from each of the different apps, ordered in descending order.

network data interfaces

They can immediately evaluate and see which of the apps has the highest network consumption. In addition to information, they can also perceive abnormal consumption and that should be restricted or limited. Here you can change the interface to be consulted or enter a limit.

This is information that you can now consult. Consumption is higher, as they are at home working. Evaluate and see the difference to normal values, which you will later be able to obtain.


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