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Tip: Want confirmation when deleting files for recycling? Follow these …

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Tip: Want confirmation when deleting files for recycling? Follow these ...

Windows Recycling is the point where we put files that we don't want to keep on the system. We simply leave it there and hope that one day they will disappear, automatically or after cleaning.

This is a process that goes on without any notification, which for many users is not desired. Of course, Windows has a solution for this, you just need to activate it. See how you can do it quickly.

Confirmation when deleting files

Windows does not display a Windows notification whenever you delete a file or folder. It was expected to be something present and active, but the truth is that it is absent. However, and those who know this system well, know that there is an answer to this problem.

To activate this option, you only need to activate an option that is visible to everyone, but that is hardly seen. Just make it as on and immediately a message appears asking you to confirm that action.

Windows message confirmation recycling files

Greater control over recycling

Then start by clicking with the right mouse button on the Recycle Bin icon on the Desktop and choose the Properties option. This action will immediately open a new Windows window and, at that time, you will find the option to activate the delete confirmation box.

After activating it and pressing the OK button, you will have this option present immediately. To test it you only need to press the Delete button with a selected file. You will see the confirmation box asking you to indicate whether you want to send the file to the Recycle Bin.

Windows message confirmation recycling files

This makes Windows more secure

Of course, you only need to confirm this action so that the selected file is sent to Windows Recycle Bin. If there are several files, only the message with the number of elements that will be sent to the elimination zone appears.

This is an option that they can activate quickly and that guarantees greater security in the files. They now have confirmation of the action and avoid losing files that may be important.


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