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Tip: Want to change your Windows 10 search? Use this very simple trick

by ace

Windows 10 has accumulated a set of very interesting features that make life easier for the user. They are small optimizations that meet their needs and quickly make them available.

One of the ones that has helped users the most is the search that Windows 10. It focuses on apps and local files, but it can go further, even to the Internet. What we propose today is to change where and how this research is carried out, without having to worry about anything.

Being a Microsoft product, it is normal for Windows 10 to focus on using the brand’s proposals. Thus the integration is greater and deeper, as intended, giving more accurate and more useful results for the user.

The truth is that not everyone wants to use Bing and Edge to access these results that the Windows 10 search can return. They want to have access to their favorite browser and the search engine they have become accustomed to using. This is where a proposal comes in, the Search Deflector.

Windows 10 search Microsoft simple browser

This small, simple and very intuitive app allows you to deceive Windows and force what they want. Thus, they can define how they want the search behavior, leaving the system adjusted to what the user wants.

To configure, and this is the only interface of this app, you only need to define the preferred browser or indicate an executable to be called at that moment. They can also define the search engine to be used and even indicate a browser profile.

Windows 10 search Microsoft simple browser

After this step, they just need to apply the configuration and start using the search. If everything goes correctly, they will not have access to the Search Deflector interface again. It will do its job quietly, but permanently.

This is the simplest way to change your Windows 10 search. You start using your preferred browser and the search engine that gives you more confidence in the results. Thus, the system is even more adapted to what is expected.


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