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Tip: Want to keep your Windows 10 up for hours? Just use this app to …

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Tip: Want to keep your Windows 10 up for hours? Just use this app to ...

When using Windows 10 on a daily basis, users encounter some specific needs that this system does not offer. This is where third-party apps come in, helping users to complement this offer and need.

One of those needs is something that will prevent Windows 10 from hibernating and thus keep running smoothly and steadily. Microsoft does not have a proposal for this field and that is why we have to resort to NightOwl, a simple app.

The simple way to keep Windows 10 awake

Windows 10 power management keeps you from being permanently on. This way you can save the components and, if necessary, guarantee a longer battery life. It is something that can be changed, but permanently and without control.

For those who want to change this behavior, there is a very interesting proposal. Called NightOwl, it is an app found in the Microsoft app store and that deals with this process, mainly obeying the user's wishes.

Windows 10 awake NightOwl Microsoft app

NightOwl is all you will need

With a simple and quick to use interface, NightOwl lets the user choose which events activate this Windows 10 mode. When that moment arises, Windows will not fall asleep and will always be active and productive.

The hypotheses are varied and range from simple control over time, with days, hours and minutes, to the most complex presence of an app or also a connection to a WiFi network. The user only has to build his rules, being able to accumulate several for each element.

Windows 10 awake NightOwl Microsoft app

This app is available on the Microsoft store

Naturally, NightOwl gives you the freedom to be activated at any time. With its icon on the taskbar, it just needs to be called and activated. There they define the time or simply connect with no end in sight.

To use NightOwl you must install it from the Microsoft app store. It is immediately ready for use, ensuring that Windows 10 stays awake whenever the user needs it.


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