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Tip: Want to remove Microsoft’s new Edge from Windows 10? Follow these 2 steps

by ace

Microsoft has had a new browser, based on Chromium, for some time. Edge has been developed and tested, with the final versions being able to be tested on various operating systems.

If until now it was mostly optional, Microsoft started to install this new proposal actively, often without authorization from users. Fortunately there is a simple way to remove this browser and get back to the previous version.

Despite being a browser already proven in Windows 10 and with performance even above normal, not everyone wants the new Edge present. They prefer the previous version, for several reasons, among them the privacy that is supposedly more exposed now.

As it is not always simple or even possible to remove this new browser, Microsoft has given users a way to do so. Just run 2 commands in a DOS or PowerShell window and this browser is quickly removed.

Edge Windows 10 Microsoft browser remove

The process starts with the opening of a DOS or PowerShell window with administrator permissions. Here, you must paste the command below.

cd “C: Program Files (x86) Microsoft Edge Application 83.0.478.58 Installer”

After that, press Enter and navigate to the indicated folder, where the Chrome installer for Windows 10 is located.

Edge Windows 10 Microsoft browser remove

Once in this area, even through the Terminal, you must execute the command that will remove the Edge from Windows 10. You must therefore paste the command below in the Terminal.

. setup.exe –uninstall –system-level –verbose-logging –force-uninstall

In the end they will have removed the new version of the Microsoft browser, and the previous version will be installed again. It will not come back and if you want to have it back you must install it manually, getting it from the Microsoft website.


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