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Tip: You will love the novelty that Google brought to the Android keyboard

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Tip: You will love the novelty that Google brought to the Android keyboard

Google treats its services and apps with extreme care. They are the mirror of the company and its philosophy on what should be offered to users. Thus, the news is constant and always important.

With a focus on improvements, the Google keyboard has also followed this line of developments and news. The most recent one improves its use and, in particular, cut and paste text, which is even more intelligent.

A novelty for Android

Even with a touch-centric interface, the Android keyboard still plays an important role in this system. It is with him that we write and communicate with the world. Google knows said and so your keyboard is always being improved.

The latest novelty will help users with text editing processes. Whenever you delete elements that are written, they are no longer lost and are temporarily stored on the Android clipboard.

Google Android keyboard novelty text

Google Android keyboard novelty text

Google keyboard brought a surprise to the user

This capacity thus allows the deleted text not to be lost and, thus, it can be recycled for some time. It is not permanently maintained, but is accessible to be used. Its use can be made directly from the present proposals.

Of course, as this recycling is not always immediate, they can also access the keyboard clipboard and use it at any time later. If they wish, they can also memorize permanently, activating it on the keyboard clipboard.

No more text will be lost in the future

This novelty has been in testing for quite some time and is now finally available to everyone. As is normal, it will be done in a phased and limited way, to avoid problems. Still, within days it should be on all smartphones that use this keyboard.

Not being new to Android, Google knew how to take advantage of this functionality and put it in your tool. Thus, text that has been deleted and that must be recovered is not lost again. Above all, it is another excellent feature of this keyboard that everyone should test and use.


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