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Tip: Your Windows 10 can be even faster. See how to do it now

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Tip: Your Windows 10 can be even faster. See how to do it now

The performance of Windows 10 is prepared to be balanced between what users want to see and what makes it faster and with better performance. It is a fragile balance, but it can be easily controlled by the user.

For this, it is necessary to give up some graphic components, which only serve to make it more appealing. Today we show how they can make Windows 10 even faster by changing just 3 simple options.

Windows 10 even faster

Many of the animations and graphics in Windows 10 are unnecessary. They are present to give the user a better use, but, in fact, they only serve to consume resources. Anyone willing to have a cleaner and faster Windows can follow these steps.

The focus of this change is to turn off all unnecessary animations to this system, thus leaving these resources aside. Of course they will be consumed later, but in areas that are really necessary for Windows 10.

Tip: Your Windows 10 can be even faster. See how to do it now

Change animation options

Then start by executing the SystemPropertiesAdvanced command, either by searching for Windows or by running the Start Menu window. The window for this control application will open immediately.

Then click on Settings under the Advanced tab and watch the Performance Options window open. This is where all the changes will happen immediately. You must change the option to Customize and then turn off some options.

Windows 10 fast performance graphics animations

More performance and fewer graphics

The ones we recommend to be disabled are: Animations on the taskbar, Animate controls and elements inside windows and Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing. Of course, they can test other ones, to get better performance.

If they are really brave, they always have the option Adjust for best performance, which turns off all graphics. As we said before, it is a balance that will have to be the user to manage and find the right point between services and graphics.


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