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TOP 10 – Best Tricks and Tips of 2019

by ace
TOP 10 - Best Tricks and Tips of 2019

One of the areas we explore in Pplware is the Tips and Tricks associated with various services, software, gadgets and more that get involved in this world of technology. Many of these articles arise from readers' questions and even their knowledge, thanks to the sharing community we have.

In 2019, every day we approached a different theme in this category. WhatsApp, Windows and Android were undoubtedly the most sought after themes and the ones that continue to raise the most doubts and curiosity. These were the best tricks and tips of 2019.

Did you accidentally delete a conversation on WhatsApp? There is a way to recover it

When it comes to security and data protection, WhatsApp is equipped with the necessary tools. These ensure that no one reads your messages and that they are safeguarded remotely.

Backups are also an important point of WhatsApp and so should be configured. And how do you respond if you accidentally delete a conversation and don't have backups ready? There is a way to save it, especially on Android.

WhatsApp deleted conversation retrieve file

How to upload photos on WhatsApp without losing their original resolution

One of the many advantages of services like WhatsApp is the sharing of images, videos and other elements. Because they are not always acceptable for the Internet, WhatsApp tries to compress and alter them to be acceptable.

Of course, not all content can be treated this way, so there is a way around this function. See how you can send photos on WhatsApp without losing their original resolution.

Whatsapp photos original resolution send

How to enable Dark Mode on your Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular mobile applications, and is also one of the most widely used instant messaging services today, even from your computer, in the web version.

2019 brought Dark Mode with you to Facebook Messenger and this is a quick trick you can still use.

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

WhatsApp: The Best Tips You Must Know # 1

WhatsApp is regarded as one of the best communication platforms that continues to gain new users every month. Not even some security issues seem to drive users away.

So you can get more out of this instant messaging service we have compiled some of the best tricks and tips for you.

WhatsApp: The Best Tips You Must Know # 1

Test your PC performance with these free Benchmark tests

Knowing your computer is halfway to improving your performance. Replacing hardware, replacing, or deleting software are two of the things you can do in this regard.

To understand the behavior of your computer, there are then tests that can be used to evaluate performance. Today we recommend 4 good free options.

Test your PC performance with these 5 free Benchmark Tests

How to make Windows 10 boot even faster simply

With each new version of Windows 10, Microsoft can improve it and optimize its performance. This is what is expected of this system and all its developers over the last few years. These improvements are noticeable but are actually present.

Of course, users are grateful for these small improvements and are also looking for a faster and more capable machine. They use tips that make your Windows 10 better. Today we bring one more of these tips. This will ensure that Windows 10 starts up even faster, without prejudice to the system.

Windows 10 Quick Start Task Manager

How to restart the Start Menu in the new version of Windows 10

The May 2019 update of Windows 10 brought a lot of news. Most are clearly visible, but some were made by Microsoft in poorly accessible and poorly visible areas.

In fact, they turn out to be even more important and more sensitive for Windows 10. The Start Menu was one of those targeted and can now be managed more simply. For tips and tricks, see how you can restart the Start Menu on this new version of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Start Menu Restart Microsoft Process

See how to save your Google Photos gallery in Google Drive

As previously announced by US technology, Google Photos and Google Drive have stopped working in unison. The reasons for this were mainly due to the simplification of both. In addition to avoiding the redundancy of certain aspects and functions of them.

Fortunately there is still a way to save the entire Photos gallery in your Google Drive.

Google Photos Google Drive

How to turn Android volume higher than maximum

Despite being a mature system with years of market, there are details in Android that everyone liked to fix. These are details that Google insists on maintaining, often for obvious and generalist reasons.

One of those changes that everyone would make would be the possibility of having the loudest sound. Of course in this open system this can be bypassed simply, quickly and very intuitively. See how you can do it.

Android volume headphones maximum sound

How to hide any conversation from prying eyes on WhatsApp

WhatsApp natively brings a rich set of features and tools. These help users get even more out of this service, making it almost essential in everyday life.

Of course there are many that can be converted and used in other contexts, further expanding the possibilities. One of them is the ability to hide messages using one of the most basic features of WhatsApp. Learn now how and use to protect yourself.

WhatsApp hide conversations prying eyes


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