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TP-Link’s 360th Tapo C200 Camera Analysis

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TP-Link's 360th Tapo C200 Camera Analysis

Security cameras are increasingly used for housing security, business safety and the safety of a wide range of scenarios. With this type of features, you can remotely use a smartphone, for example, set security perimeters, receive alerts and monitor areas very easily. For this we present today the Tapo C200, a 360º camera of TP-Link that may be what your home needs or your company.

Good resolution, night vision and 360º perimeter, can be assets to add to the price of this type of equipment.

Tapo C200 Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera

With a smartphone running an app, we’ve connected to one or more cameras and can create a strong surveillance device. This camera that we bring from the inside today could be your eyes on the spot, even though it’s thousands of miles from the camera.

One of the assets of this equipment is the ease of configuration. The Android or iOS apps are very simple to pair and in a few minutes you have the camera producing images. Then the user can easily create surveillance rules and parameters. That’s what we’re going to show you next.

Image camera Tapo C200


  • Security Camera 360 Wi-Fi 1080p
  • High definition video: record all images in crisp 1080p definition
  • Pan and Tilt: 360º horizontally and 114th vertically
  • Night Vision: Reach a visual distance of up to 30 feet
  • Motion detection and notifications: Notifies you when the camera detects motion
  • Sound and light alarm: Turn on light and sound effects to scare off unwanted visitors.
  • Two-way audio: allows communication through a built-in microphone and speaker
  • Secure storage: Stores up to 128 GB locally on a microSD card, up to 384 hours (16 days) of video. (Based on laboratory tests)
  • Voice control: Works with Amazon’s Google Assistant and Alexa – not available in all languages and countries

Camera image in various positions


If we are talking about a camera that will live with the interior of a house, shop or business space, it should look good and, above all, allow the application of it in the structures of the dwelling.

Having the 360° rotation component, the camera rotates over its base, also achieving a quick 20-second view around. TP-Link manufactures this product only in white color.

The Tapo app

This application manages the various details that the camera provides in the performance of your activity. Available for iOS and Android, the software is very well achieved.

From the beginning, in the initial configuration of the app, to the current operation, everything is very well explained in Portuguese and without “sly translations”.

As you can see in the images, the interface is clean, easy to perceive, and the message is clear.

Download, install, and add the camera (or any other device that is supported by the same app).

After a few minutes, little, the setup is finished and the app ready to interact with the camera. Now is to use and discover the various options available.

How does the Tapo C200 work?

There is no doubt that it is becoming simpler to use these products, since they bring many options in their applications. As we mentioned, once installed the app and properly configured, use is the simplest.

The application can host multiple devices and even manages to create automatisms between them, leaving the user the task of making them interact. In this case, with the Tapo C200, the idea is to realize that in addition to filming, recording and watching, the camera allows you to communicate.

Camera speaker image 360º Tapo

Camera microphone image 360º Tapo

Yes, we can make an app call to the camera and, if applicable, keep a dialogue with whoever is near the camera. The equipment has a microphone in the front zone and a speaker on the back that allows you to talk and listen in real time.

Using the user interface you can watch the space around you, you can hear what’s going on and you can talk, you can rotate the camera 360°, you can turn on privacy mode to turn off the streaming image, but keep the protection area active.
Speaking of protection area, as you can see in the images above, inside the camera settings, among many other things, the user can set a zone within the entire captured image to alert intrusion.

The equipment can work with and without memory card, a microSD. However, the recording history needs a storage space. Although you receive the alerts in real time, you can later view each event that triggered the alert and check the second recording of that event, within the Recordings and Memory option.

You can have zones set to quickly move the camera, but it’s quick to rotate to those preset positions. As we see in the image of the application, we also have a schedule to activate or disable our surveillance camera. Which is very handy.

TP-Link Tapo C200

Pplware thanks limifield.pt for making the equipment available for analysis.


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