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Trouble sleeping? Blame is on the "night mode" of smartphones

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Problemas em dormir? A culpa pode ser do "modo noturno" dos smartphones

It is often heard that smartphones “hurt” their eyes and brain. For a more comfortable use of equipment at night, the systems have now made available the "night mode". This mode replaces blue light with a more yellowish light. However, according to a recent study, “night mode” can shuffle sleep patterns!

Do you use your smartphone or tablet before going to sleep?

After all, is blue better than yellow in smartphones?

Smartphone screens are designed so that you can use them in any situation, even in bright light. To make this possible, bright blue light is emitted and this is responsible for some problems that tend to affect our body and brain in particular.

The theory is that yellowish light does not arouse the brain so much, but such a conclusion may be wrong. According to the study “Cones Support Alignment to an Inconsistent World by Suppressing Mouse Circadian Responses to the Blue Colors Associated with Twiligh“, The yellow color can negatively influence sleep patterns.

The study goes further and even states that the yellow filter may be more harmful than the blue one.

Blue moon may be better than yellow light

The University of Manchester study was published in the journal Current Biology and had as mice guinea pigs. The animals were exposed to various light colors of similar intensities. Contrary to expectations, the conclusion is that yellowish color can negatively influence sleep patterns.

To date, the choice of yellowish color was due to the reaction that melanopsin protein has to light intensity. According to information, this protein has a higher circadian response when it detects light with shorter wavelength.

The researchers concluded that the color of light is not that important. In this process, one must be aware of is the intensity of light. In darker environments, blue light seems to have an advantage over yellow light.

If there is a validation of the study, this means that the yellowish color may no longer be part of the “night modes”. This will certainly lead to the creation of new modes as well as new interfaces.

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