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Two Point Hospital (Xbox One) Review

by ace
Two Point Hospital (Xbox One) Review

In 1997, in the middle of the fat season for the SIM, in which various titles such as RollerCoaster Tycoon (Amusement Park), Beach Life (Tourist Resort), Tropico (Island in the Tropics) or Railroad Tycoon (Railways) abounded, a game appeared with a different theme: Theme Hospital.

This game consisted of managing a Hospital and now, after about two decades, here comes the consoles (after passing through mobile devices) its successor: Two Point Hospital.

At a time when the focus of all attention is on this theme, Pplware has already tried Two Point Hospital.

Developed by Two Point Studios, and following in the footsteps of Theme Hospital, Two Point Hospital is a strategy game in which the player will have to manage a hospital unit combating various types of diseases that plague the local population and thus creating a Hospital Center renowned and world class.

With the Covid-19 pandemic plaguing the country (and the World), this game is a simulation of an area of ​​activity that has seen few examples of games over the years.

As a simulation, the game should be interpreted in a very uncompromising way and is based on two main aspects. A more professional aspect, focused on the business and its functional aspects, and a component on the human component and related to the interaction of the players in the game (users, employees, doctors …).

Two Point Hospital brings both aspects together in a fun and not serious recipe.

The business

The management of the hospital business at Two Point Hospital, although vast, turns out to be relatively simple. The game is very oriented towards a relaxed gameplay and full of humorous moments, removing much of the serious character that it could present.

To get an idea, a recurring disease is called Lighthead (the game is in English), which in Portuguese and literally can be translated as "head of light" or "head of lamp" and consists of a person with a light bulb over his head. Absurd, right? For the cure is no less. Patients diagnosed with this disease are cured only with a machine that unscrews the lamp and puts a head in place.

It is this nonsense humor that removes seriousness from the game, but feeds it an addictive and delicious level of relaxation.

However, this more comical strand does not remove a certain functional complexity. There are many examples of very realistic concepts, simulating the operation of a Hospital. An example: when arriving at the Hospital, the users first go to the secretariat, where they are sent to waiting lines, awaiting entry into diagnostic offices. From there they are guided, depending on their case, to the pharmacy, for exams, or even for internment.

If we multiply this by dozens of patients, then we have our Hospital as a living organism full of movement and relatively coherent and realistic interactions.

There are, however, other more specific aspects that the game does not cover. For example, a hospital currently spends large quantities of consumables (syringes, compresses, ..). Two Point Hospital does not provide for this level of micro management which could be interesting.

The game presents greater depth in terms of management and interaction with the different characters in the game.

The Stakeholders

Each participant, doctor or patient, has a vast set of characteristics that are closely related to their health status and their experience in the hospital.

In the case of users. If the hospital does not have enough outlets for incoming patients, there may be a point where waiting lines increase substantially. This will lead to user dissatisfaction and, once there is a satisfaction assessment, this will be negative.

An important factor in the game is the hiring of new employees, whether medical personnel (doctors or nurses) or assistants (cleaning, or assistants).

Each candidate has their own professional skills, as well as specific personality traits and this is important to take into account, as it will influence their professional performance. For example, a doctor who suffers from insomnia and needs successive breaks, will tend to be absent more often by increasing his waiting lists.

On the other hand, during the process of creating the hospital, the player will have to think about other less important aspects, which also influence his reputation. For example, the hospital should be a clean and minimally comfortable place.

And that takes us to another aspect of the game, customization. There are numerous items, accessories or machines available to the player to purchase (with game money) that help to change the way the hospital works and provides services to patients. From simple beds with plants, to stands with hospital brochures, snacks or drinks machines, through waiting areas or personalization of the equipment of doctors and nurses … there is a wide variety of customizations available.

Two Point Hospital (Xbox One) Review

We occasionally receive several challenges posed by the game. For example, a Monobrow epidemic (commonly called mono cell) appears. We may be asked that in the face of this outbreak, the hospital will cure 20 patients in 10 days. This means that the player has to prepare the hospital facilities to respect the disease and the respective flow of consultations and necessary tests.

Other challenges may include the inspection of Health Delegates or visits from celebrities, but in the end these tasks bring a little diversity to a gameplay that could start to be routine.

With the evolution of the hospital and its recipes, there is also the possibility of upgrading the different medical machines installed, and thus, not only providing better and faster services, but also curing new diseases.

One of the most irritating aspects I found at Two Point Hospital is precisely the absence of professionals. This is because when they are absent from their jobs, they often “lose the north” and it is necessary for the player to put him back in his office / room again.


I liked Two Point Hospital, in its most simplistic and comedian aspect. Mixing humor with other more serious concepts related to Health helps to pass the time, and it will be advisable for those who like this type of uncompromised simulation.

Nowadays and with the State of Emergency declared in Portugal with all that it entails, this can be a fun and relaxed alternative to spend a few hours.

However, there is an alert for those looking for a more realistic simulation: this is not where you will find it.

Two Point Hospital


  • Fun and simple
  • Delicious graphics
  • Diversity of challenges
  • Some realism of flows


  • Weak micro-management
  • Doctors don't get sick


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