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Want a faster Model 3? Tesla sells an upgrade that improves startup

by ace
Tesla Model 3 atualização arranque rápido

Tesla has a different way of selling its cars. Even after delivery, upgrades may appear that improve your performance or your autonomy. Everything comes via software, without any need for intervention.

In this philosophy has now emerged in Model 3 a novelty. There is a new update that makes this electric car even faster to start. It is not a cheap purchase, but it further improves the initial performance of this car.

Upgrade makes Model 3 faster

Often Tesla releases updates that change the behavior of its cars. In specific situations, the brand gives more autonomy to their cars or a higher top speed. It all comes with new software, which quickly installs Over The Air (OTA).

Being this electric car already extremely fast, Tesla decided to make it even better with a new option. This is only appearing to those who already have this model purchased and registered, being apparently exclusive to the Dual Motor Long Range model.

The promise this novelty brings is interesting, certainly to some extent. In the description shown, shown on the Testa app and website, it is stated that the acceleration from 0 to 60 mph (about 100 km / h) goes from 4.4 seconds to 3.9 seconds. It's only 0.5 seconds, but it can make a difference.

Tesla Model 3 Quick Start Update

Tesla Model 3 Quick Start Update

Tesla can change boot remotely

This small difference, which will come in a simple Tesla Model 3 software upgrade, will come at a high price. What is presented is 2 thousand dollars, which with rates rises to 2140 dollars. A high price to get faster 0.5 seconds at startup.

After purchase, users need to have Tesla software version 2019.40.2 installed. The new update will come later, once again through an update that will be distributed OTA to the electric car.

This will be another distinguishing feature of this model compared to the rest of the Model 3 line. It will make it even faster to start a car that already stands out in this area. The improvement is not significant, but will certainly be felt.


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