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Want a Windows 10 smartphone that runs Android apps? Is coming!

by ace
Want a Windows 10 smartphone that runs Android apps? Is coming!

Access to multiple operating systems on a single smartphone has long been in demand. The experiences that previously emerged turned out to be complete failures, failing to give the user a complete experience.

A new attempt and a new approach now seems to be coming. A Windows 10 smartphone running Android apps is promised soon. It's called Nebulus and it will arrive at the hands of the Emperion company.

A smartphone that runs Windows 10?

Microsoft's approach to ARM processors promised the arrival of a different set of equipment with unique characteristics. They focused mainly on laptops, but it also opened the door to other categories, with other capabilities.

That moment now seems to have arrived with the most recent advertisement from Emperion. It is preparing to put on the market a smartphone with Windows 10, something that would not be expected, given the nature of this operating system.

Yes, you also have access to Android apps

Even so, Nebulus is preparing to stand out even more. This smartphone will have another unique feature that many expected to see on other devices and that Microsoft had even promised before. This smartphone will be able to run Android apps.

We're proud to announce:

After a lengthy development, the #Nebulus has joined the # Windows10 #ARM future!
(We did say big things had happened!)#smartphone #Windows #Convergence #ByeAppGap #freedom pic.twitter.com/Y7BYE90mkI

– ΞMPERION (@EmperionUK) February 17, 2020

From what little is known, this new smartphone will not need any emulator to run the Android apps it says it can run. However, you will also not need the user to be switching between operating systems to gain access to these apps.

The Emperion Nebulus is coming soon

As for the hardware present, not much is known yet. It is said that it will have a dedicated ARM processor to run Windows 10, which points to the Snapdragon 850. It will also have an audio jack and a slot for a microSD card.

There is still no date for the start of Emperion's commercialization of Nebulus. The brand reveals that sales will be made later, directly on its website. Something that remains to be answered is how Windows 10 will support the smartphone part, since it does not have it natively.


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