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Want music while charging the electric car? Tesla dealt with it on this …

by ace
Tesla música Elon Musk carro elétrico

Tesla has unique management of its cars. Quickly and easily put into each of them new features and general improvements with a simple update.

This Christmas the Elon Musk brand decided to invest in this area and has several news for drivers. One of them brings a true music studio to the interior of these electric cars.

Tesla give drivers music

Tesla's latest update for its cars brings a lot of news. It seeks to give drivers the best features and the most modern functions, some of which have been expected for a long time. It all came with the 2019.40.50 update.

From the extensive list, one has stood out and has now discovered one that is (literally) music for the drivers ears. We talk about TRAX, which allows passengers and drivers to play and create music inside these electric cars.

When you buy a @Tesla you can either beat licks at the traffic lights or … boot up TRAX v0.1 and play the Rugrat theme song #Tesla # Model3 # V10 @elonmusk pic.twitter.com/dPWQrHAmem

– Oliver 'Ov' Ryan (@master_ov) December 24, 2019

Elon Musk car brings a lot of news

For use only when Tesla is stopped or charging, lets you play any instrument directly on the console. Of course, once masterpieces are created, they can be recorded and played later. It is unclear whether it will be possible to export the songs.

In addition to this great news, this Elon Musk update has many more new features. These are described by Tesla and further fill the brand's software offering for their cars.

Tesla Music Elon Musk Electric Car

This electric is getting better and better

We count on the received message reader, more and better voice commands and even a camping mode. The latter allows you to keep several systems on while the car is stationary, to ensure the best conditions when used for this purpose.

This new way of playing and listening to music gives Tesla even more capabilities. Their audio systems are excellent and give these Elon Musk-created cars a higher than normal sound quality. The brand can thus further exploit its capabilities.


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