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Which will be faster, Windows 10 or Ubuntu? The answer already exists!

by ace

For many years, there has been a discreet and invisible struggle over which is the fastest operating system on the market. The battle between Windows and Linux has taken place and has shown clear winners.

Of course, in these clashes there are always factors that hang to one side, with areas where each one is better, has more performance or, simply, gives more to the user. A new test compared Windows 10 with one of its current competitors, Ubuntu. The results certainly seem to prove what has been known for a long time!

Which is faster? See the winning system

With the end of Windows 7, many had to choose to migrate to a new system. If the obvious choice would be mainly Windows 10, many also considered Ubuntu, as it is free, current and also guarantees a good performance to users.

To show which system may be the most suitable, a performance test that put Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. For the base they used a low-end PC, only $ 200.

Ubuntu or Windows 10? The test compared them

This machine was equipped with an AMD Ryzen 3 3200U processor, a Vega 3 graphics, just 4GB of RAM and a 14 inch screen with 1080p resolution. The tests, made up of 63 tests, showed that Ubuntu managed to be faster by 60%, losing to Windows 10 by only 15%.

Windows 10 Ubuntu fast performance software

Of the various tests performed, and where Ubuntu was superior to Windows 10, there were apps like Graphics Magick, which repeatedly worked better on this system. Intel's Embree was also present and ran faster on Ubuntu.

Performance was measured and results show everything

In the field of video benchmarks, several were the ones that leaned towards the Ubuntu side, having obtained a better performance. It is important to remember that this is mainly a complicated field in these low-cost machines. Finally, the well-known GIMP tended to side with Ubuntu.

Of course, these are important tests, all the more so because they are done on a low-resource machine. The performance presented by Ubuntu shows that this is a system to consider to replace any other at any time.


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