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Windows 10 Photos app stops working after last update of the …

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Although not one of the most used apps, the one dedicated to Windows 10 photos is the option of many users for everyday use. With a simple interface, it guarantees the necessary tools to manage the saved images.

This app is now in trouble and has stopped working on a set of users for some time. There is no identified cause, but everything points to yet another update that Microsoft released.

New issues with Microsoft updates

Microsoft updates have been a source of complicated problems for users. They are not limited to Windows 10 and have spread to apps like Outlook and others, which believed to be immune and even protected.

The most recent victim appears to be the Photographs app, which accompanies Windows 10 since its launch. This gives access to the visualization of images and photographs, but still guarantees an edition of these and even videos.

Photos App crashed for no reason

Of what has been reported a few days ago, this app is now presenting serious problems. When launched it just doesn’t work, showing a simple white screen and without any error or alert message. There are many complaints and especially in several channels, including from Microsoft itself.

There are also reports of abnormal behaviors in the Photos app on Windows 10. It is consuming too many resources and becoming too slow in normal use, even on above-average machines in terms of performance and performance.

Windows 10 Photos update Microsoft problems

An update is expected soon

Despite this problem, there are some users who indicate that they have overcome it. For that they had to do a reset of the app and its data. Despite this procedure, there are also users who were unable to get the app up and running.

Once again, Microsoft limits the use of Windows 10 and its apps as a result of updates. These are supposed to bring improvements, but are actually bringing even more problems to users and their systems.

The solution to this problem


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