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Windows 10 search will soon consume even less CPU and memory

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Windows 10 search will soon consume even less CPU and memory

Windows 10 research is known to consume CPU and memory at the least opportune times. This component is essential, but it has serious performance and even integration problems with the operating system itself.

This appeared to be a lost war and one that forced users to simply learn to live with this behavior. Microsoft has now brought good news and soon this behavior will change, consuming less CPU and memory

A big problem in Windows 10

Everyone is well aware of the usefulness of Windows 10 search. This is what we use whenever we want to find a file without wasting time browsing endless folders. Just type part of the name or content and it will quickly appear.

Of course, this feature has a price, which is being too high for users. The indexing of files is done automatically and silently, going through the users' most common folders, certainly collecting everything you find.

High CPU and memory consumption

The problem, which has been reported and verified several times, is in the moments when it is done. Windows 10 simply initiates these processes, raising CPU and memory consumption to values ​​close to 100%, consuming resources essential for normal PC use.

Windows 10 CPU memory indexing Microsoft

What Microsoft came to announce now seems simple and will completely change this problem. The indexing of the search will respect the moments of use of Windows 10 and only when it is stopped will it be performed. Thus, consumption has no impact on users.

Microsoft has the solution soon

Despite being urgent and highly requested, this novelty will only appear later in the year. We will soon (hopefully) have the arrival of the Windows 10 20H1 update, and then these works will start. Only in the 20H2 update, however, will this improvement be seen.

If it succeeds, Microsoft will greatly improve one of the biggest complaints of Windows 10. It is one of the elements that consumes more CPU and memory, almost always at inopportune moments and with an impact on the performance of this system.


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