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Windows Package Manager: Installing apps on Windows 10 will be very simple

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Windows Package Manager: Installing apps on Windows 10 will be very simple

With Build 2020 underway, Microsoft has prepared some important news for Windows 10 and its ecosystem. They want to bring more to this operating system and make it even better for everyone to use.

The most recent novelty is in an area where many called for changes. Soon it will be much simpler to install apps, all directly from the command line and with official repositories to give users confidence.

An important novelty from Microsoft

Although it still does not have the importance that Microsoft wanted, its app store is already an important point for Windows 10 users. Many programmers already choose to have their proposals here, facilitating their dissemination and confidence.

Everyone who has ever had to reinstall machines knows the work that goes into installing app by app. This scenario may soon be completely changed with Windows Package Manager. With a simple line everything is handled automatically.

Windows 10 Package Manager install Microsoft apps

Simple to install apps with a command in the Terminal

A Terminal window and a well-defined list of apps will suffice for installation to be quick and, above all, simple and automated. With the winget everything will be made easier for those who manage the machine.

The list of apps is already very complete, but it always depends on its existence in the Microsoft app store or other sources that Microsoft controls. There are many essentials missing from Windows 10, but the list also seems to be made up of strong presences already available.

Windows 10 Package Manager install Microsoft apps

Windows Package Manager will make all the difference

It will then only be necessary to give the command winget install 7zip zoom Firefox (for example) so that 7zip, Zoom and Firefox are installed quickly on the PC where you are running. The graphical interface of each app will probably appear, to help.

Of course, you can do a search in the app repository and find the ones you want. It will also be possible to know data about each of the apps present in the repositories and thus be more informed.

Windows 10 Package Manager install Microsoft apps

Essential help for Windows 10 in the future

For now, Windows Package Manager and winget are still in testing with selected users. You just need to be registered in the Insider Program or download and install directly from GitHub from Microsoft.

Anyone using Linux will be able to see obvious similarities between yum or apt-get, but here without being able to update, something that is up to the app. It is an important improvement from Microsoft that will speed up the process of installing apps on Windows 10


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