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Without the help of Apple, the FBI has already managed to unlock the sniper iPhone …

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Without the help of Apple, the FBI has already managed to unlock the sniper iPhone ...

In two different situations, the Apple iPhone was involved in terrorist crime scenes. And in both, the FBI saw the apple company blocking access to equipment content.

But now the FBI has come to report that it has already managed to unlock the iPhones of the most recent case of the Florida sniper, pointing out that it does not thank Apple for this much desired achievement.

Apple iPhones have been involved in at least two terrorist crimes.

In 2016 the famous case of San Bernardino, promoted the great disagreement between Apple and the FBI. This is because the apple brand denied access to the terrorist's iPhone 5C to the US investigative body. The situation was resolved, even without Apple's help, and the unlocking cost $ 900,000.

The other, more recent situation happened on December 6, 2019 and involved an attack on the Naval Air Base in Pensacola, Florida. Again the sniper had two Apple devices, an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 7 and the obstacle to unlocking them again ignited hostilities with the FBI.

Even after the Donald Trump administration asked Apple to unlock mobile phones, the company did not budge. However there is now news.

FBI claims to have unlocked the iPhone without Apple's help

According to latest official FBI statements, the security of the Florida terrorist's iPhones has already been circumvented. The FBI even indicates that it already has access to the contents of the two devices, overcoming cryptography issues. The solution found was to create a new system that ignores the security of iOS.

According to William Barr, US Attorney General, Apple's security protections have been circumvented. In this way, it was possible to discover that the terrorist Alshamrani had contacts with Al-Qaeda, long before the attack. Barr even makes a subtle criticism of the Cupertino company, saying that:

Thanks to the excellent work of the FBI – and not Apple – we were able to unlock the phones.

In the statement, the FBI shares three files containing some images allegedly of the contents of those iPhones.

Without the help of Apple, the FBI has already managed to unlock the sniper iPhone ...

Via: FBI

This terrorist attack on Pensacola Naval Air Base resulted in the deaths of three American sailors and eight more wounded. Alshamrani was 21 years old, a member of the Saudi army and was interning in the USA. The FBI said the young man had already had contacts with Al-Qaeda even before he arrived in America.

Apple has already responded to FBI statements

The Cupertino company was quick to react and respond to the FBI statement. Thus, Apple came to clarify that "there is no backdoor for security authorities".

The full answer was shared on Twitter by journalist Mark Gurman:

Apple responds to FBI getting into Pensacola shooter’s iPhone and FBI chief saying, “We received effectively no help from Apple.” pic.twitter.com/KVhtjANsd1

– Mark Gurman (@markgurman) May 18, 2020

In short, the brand reports that it has always helped the authorities with what was possible, for example, iCloud backups, account information, transaction data from multiple accounts and also technical and investigative support.

Apple defends itself by saying that the false claims against the company are just an excuse to weaken encryption and other security measures that protect millions of users, and promote national security.

Finally, the company stresses the trust of its customers, since there is a commitment to keep their data safe. For that, Apple does not store passwords nor has the ability to unlock code-protected iPhones.


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