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Xiaomi is creating SIM card that is also a microSD memory

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Xiaomi is creating SIM card that is also a microSD memory

In the smartphone world, technology has evolved at a very high pace. More and more the functions are interconnected and new opportunities and novelties for the equipment we use on a daily basis appear.

Brands like Xiaomi want to evolve the market and that's why they create news. The latest one seems to be almost here. Xiaomi will be creating a SIM card that will also be a microSD memory.

A new feature from Xiaomi for smartphones

The smartphones that we have on the market today have, almost all, the possibility of expanding storage using memory cards. You can easily duplicate this storage, but with a price to pay. There are features that are lost.

We talk about smartphones with two SIM cards, which in many cases lose this ability when having this memory card present. The user always has to choose if he wants a smartphone with a double SIM or if he wants to extend the equipment storage.

Xiaomi SIM card microSD smartphone

SIM and microSD on a single card

Xiaomi may soon have a way to work around this problem and guarantee users both capabilities. A SIM card has to be created which will also have memory and thus replace the microSD card.

To achieve this, Xiaomi has been working on a patent that takes advantage of these concepts in a simple way. On one side of this card will be the elements of the SIM card, as usual. On the opposite side will be the memory elements that will create the micro SD card.

Xiaomi SIM card microSD smartphone

A proposal that arrives too late to the market?

Despite being an interesting and important idea, it may end up arriving too late in the market. The bet is currently on eSIM, which eliminates the physical use of any card. It will be on the smartphone and the increase in storage is done with traditional cards.

This may not be a bet that will ever hit the market, but it shows Xiaomi's ability to create important alternatives. SIM has been in the market for many years and is changing. It remains to be seen how the market will receive it and whether manufacturers adopt it.


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