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Xiaomi Mi Band new? 5 features you should know now!

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Xiaomi Mi Band nova? 5 funcionalidades que deve conhecer já!

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is a real bestseller and this Christmas, many were the ones that hit new users' wrists. The way to use them is simple, however, there are features that not everyone knows about, nor are they available so intuitively.

To get even more from your Xiaomi Mi Band, we've put together 5 features you should know about right now.

# 1 – Don't Let Mi Band Disturb You During Sleep

The brightness of the Mi Band 4 may disturb the user during sleep. With normal movement, the screen can turn on too brightly for the darkness of the room.

So as not to influence your rest nights just a simple adjustment: activate the night mode automatically.

Thus, the user should access the Mi Fit app and choose the profile option. Then select Night Mode. This is where it is possible to activate this mode at sunset (option that will use the weather information). However, a time can be set for this to happen.

Night Mode will cause the screen brightness to decrease to the lowest intensity, thus not disturbing the user's rest in the middle of the night.

# 2 – Hide permanent notification from Mi Fit and Xiaomi Mi Band on Android

When you connect the wristband to your smartphone via the Mi Fit app, you will see that an associated notification appears permanently. This notification says nothing but the bracelet is on.

To disable this useless notification, you should therefore access the Xiaomi Mi Fit app, followed by Profile and Settings. In this menu the option “Show status in Notification Area” will be active and must be deactivated.

# 3 – Control Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and more on your smartphone with Mi Band 4

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 comes with a complete multimedia controller. In addition to the music that passes on the smartphone through its own player, this can also be done in applications such as YouTube, Netflix or Spotify.

Xiaomi Mi Band new? 5 features you should know now!

To do so, swiping the smartband screen to the right gives you access to all that control. So with the multimedia content playing, you can control the volume of your smartphone, move back and forth in the music or video, and stop and resume.

# 4 – Using the Mi Band as a Camera Shutter

The ability to take pictures at a distance is also within reach of the Mi Band (3 or 4). However, you need to have an extra app on your smartphone. The Mi Band Selfie.

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Xiaomi Mi Band new? 5 features you should know now!

To have this app working fully you need to know the smartband mac address. This is available in Mi Band settings under Bluetooth Address. Then, in the Mi Band Selfie app, add the address in the field indicated for the call to be made successfully.

For the smart bracelet to function as a shutter, however, you must have one of several specific camera apps installed. Namely, Open Camera, Circle Camera, Night Selfie Camera, Bacon Camera or Free Camera.

# 5 – Use Google Maps in Mi Band

Finally, having your GPS directions on your wrist is an added advantage of this smartband. Once again, there is a need to have an extra app installed, but its operation is very complete.

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Xiaomi Mi Band new? 5 features you should know now!

This is the Navigator for Mi Band 3, 4, Bip and Cor app. So when setting a route or a route to go, whenever you need to change direction, this information appears on the wristband screen. Note, however, that this feature is also supported by smartband 3 and 4 (in addition to the Amazfit Beep and Color).


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