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Yamaha unveils new full-suspension mountain e-bike

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After a long wait, Yamaha unveiled its new electric mountain bike. In an innovative way, the model presents, in addition to a modern and bold design, the latest mid-drive engine.

The new e-bike is called YDX MORO and appears as a bold total suspension system.

Innovative innovations in e-bike aesthetics

Although it is still pending patent, the new bike from Yamaha has an innovative design. This consists of a double frame that has a division, both in the upper and lower tubes.

In this case, the split top tube allows the seat to be lower, facilitating the action of the rear shock. This offers a lower center of gravity and helps to control the bike on more difficult terrain.

The lower split tube houses the 500 Wh battery, protecting it in a kind of cage. Contrary to what happens with other models, where the battery is inside the tube itself, this detail of the e-bike will facilitate the battery change and also protect it in the event of falls. In addition, the atypical angle at which this downtube is positioned allows the battery to move and better balance the weight of the bike.

Yamaha unveils new full-suspension mountain e-bike

Yamaha: A state-of-the-art engine

One of the most relevant news is the brand’s mid-drive engine, the Yamaha PW-X2. This is because it uses an exclusive quad-sensor configuration, which detects pedal speed, pedal effort, bicycle speed and inclination angle, in order to calculate and provide, with greater precision, the assistance required pedal.

The new helical gears used in the PW-X2 are supposed to help reduce engine noise. In addition, the mid-drive engine has an automatic mode. However, this is not about automatic changes. In the case of this Yamaha model, the pedal assistance level can automatically switch between Eco, Standard and High modes.

Yamaha unveils new full-suspension mountain e-bike

In addition, the engine has a new EXPW mode, which adds pedal assistance at a speed of 170 revolutions per minute. This feature can be an asset, for technical sections, steep climbs or even for starting.

Although it is already known that this new e-bike will be a Class 1 model with assistance up to 30 km / h, the rest of the details and specifics will be revealed in the coming weeks, according to Yamaha representatives.


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