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Zenkit launches Wiki View, a platform for the team's knowledge base

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Zenkit lança a Wiki View, uma plataforma para a base de conhecimento da equipa

Documenting information is essential in teamwork. From user guides, procedures, records or lessons learned, it's all information that, if properly organized, will make all the difference at the right time.

In this sense, Zenkit launches Wiki View, a platform that, among many things, allows you to easily create a Wiki from a collection. See how it all works.

Zenkit is a task or project management web service designed to streamline the management of any type of task for both personal and professional use.

As a way to broaden its reach, it has just released some features that support Wiki View, a knowledge base. Thus, team interaction and organization can be easily improved, and of course, they can also organize their personal content.

View Wiki for Zenkit

Wiki View is therefore a space for knowledge sharing and management. In addition, it is also a new way of organizing and viewing information.

According to some studies, Fortune 500 companies are known to lose an average of $ 31.5 billion a year due to failures in knowledge sharing. That's what Wiki View wants to solve by helping users create, edit, and collaborate on content.

Zenkit embeded items

Thus, using the Wiki View, it is simple to tune in groups and teams to exchange vital information. This knowledge exchange can even stimulate development and innovation, as well as help to make more sustainable decisions.

We are really interested in allowing our users to share your content in a variety of ways. With the release of Wiki View, we are enabling people to use Zenkit to make a content management system a complete and feature-rich Wiki. This is a long-awaited feature. Our own knowledge base, for example, has been an alpha version of this system for the last 2 years!

Explained Martin Welker, CEO of Zenkit.

Zenkit launches Wiki View, a platform for the team's knowledge base

Zenkit launches Wiki View, a platform for the team's knowledge base

What features to expect?

Of course, for this whole system to work, there are a lot of parallel features. Thus we can count on:

  • Simplicity: Easily create a Wiki from existing Zenkit data, or create a new Root Wiki. Collaborate on all Wiki pages on the Zenkit team.
  • Flexibility: Group Wiki View into fields of different types to create your preferred browsing style.
  • Connectivity: Add links to any item, file, or collection you have access to. Zenkit will show a preview of these links.
  • Adaptability: Choose from text, markdown and HTML formats.
  • Personalization: Modify the Landing Page to suit your needs by adding images, videos, files, social media content, and more.

Zenkit Switch Views

There are still video guides, so you can check how everything works and learn about advanced features, as well as a knowledge base, with an explanation of all the topics of this web platform.

Zenkit offers applications for Windows, macOS, Linux and also for Android and iOS mobile platforms.


This article had the support of Zenkit in making the information available.


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